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Ireland Holds Position as Top Country for Quality of FDI

January 27th, 2015
Ireland retains position as top country for quality of FDI and moves up World Bank rankings.

reland has held on to its position as the world's top country for value of investment projects according to IBM's recent Global Location Trend Report. The country has also moved up the World Bank's rankings of best countries to do business. The country continues to attract firms in the areas of R&D and Life Sciences, I.T. and financial services.

The IBM report ranks countries based on the quality of its inward investment, as the report states: "For most countries it is not just the number of jobs created that is of interest, but also the type of investment projects and their value to the economy. Comparing countries on what projects are attracted, and not just the number of jobs, is therefore an increasingly important metric for gauging inward investment performance." The report goes on to state that "using this measure, Ireland continues to be the top performer in the world, resulting from the country’s success in attracting research and development (R&D) activities in life sciences and ICT coupled with high-value investment in financial services." The recent 2015 budget released by the Irish government has included initiatives to ensure Ireland's position as a top location for intellectual property and R&D. One element of the budget includes the Knowledge Development Box, which provides a lower tax rate for firms who invent and develop new products and ideas in Ireland.

In the World Bank's 'Doing Business 2015', Ireland has move up four spots to 13th position out of 139 countries. Meanwhile Ireland still retains its rank on the Forbes 'Best Countries for Business' list.


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