6 Reasons to Outsource your Financial Statements

6 Reasons to Outsource your Financial Statements

6 Reasons to Outsource your Financial Statements

Firstly financial Statements are a very important document that interested stakeholders, customers, investors, leaders and prospect view your organization. Well presented financial statements give assurance to stakeholders of the level of professionalism in your organization. Especially, when it comes to corporate governance and financial reporting. Due to this importance here are 6 Reasons to outsource your financial statements to CityTrust.

Save Money and Work Hours

Producing financial statements can take a lot of time, effort and money to produce. This is highlighted even further when those preparing the financial statements have only basic standard accounting knowledge. Depending on the resources of the financial services available in house, you and your colleagues could find yourselves overrun by the task in the run-up to deadlines. So, this can be costly for companies from a financial point of view. As they shift their focus from their normal day to day tasks to the urgent matter in the finance department.

Our experts in CityTrust are highly experienced in IFRS and FRS reporting standards. As with the changing nature of increased disclosures and standards, we’ll be there to help you navigate these complex reporting challenges.

Avoiding Errors and Duplication of Work

By partnering with CityTrust you will have a host of experts on hand who specialize in using financial IT systems to produce financial statements. We’ll create a process that will be a fast and efficient way of delivering for your company. We will also look after data management, data flow automation and storage. The processes we’ve developed in-house also decrease the chances of manipulation of data. We pride ourselves in our systems that provide efficiency and value for money.

Tailored Approached

We tailor our approach and process to your in-house style. It can be a very time-consuming area of financial statements in the design and layout of the reports in the way that your company is used to seeing. We continually revise this for any new additions or amendments that need to be made.

Free Up Your Team

As mentioned above you don’t want your team getting stretched. Business leaders are accountable for financial processes and outcomes. And of course, should understand and be able to breakdown the reporting documentation output. However, the business leaders don’t need to be bogged down in the formatting matters when there are other decisions to be made. Leave that reporting to us.

Easy Audit Process

When Audit Season comes up our team of experts in CityTrust can help you guide your auditors through the application of complex financial reporting standards in your reports. We’ll act as your informed partner that will support you on any issues that may arise during the audit process.


In Ireland and the UK, many companies and organisations are mandatorily obliged to submit to their Revenue authority financial statements that are iXBRL tagged. Special software is required for this tagging and companies often find themselves in a position of sending financial statements to specialists to be iXBRL tagged. Let City Trust arrange this work for you

Finally, if you would like to discuss your financial outsourcing further. Contact us today here or call +353 1 6753140.