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Aircraft Leasing

City Trust works with direct clients, intermediaries, and banks to provide aircraft leasing, management, and financial services to both airlines and aviation investors worldwide.  We have well-developed experience in the acquisition and leasing of private jets for both private clients and corporates which include Dassault Falcons, Gulfstreams, and Learjet.

Our experiences also include the leasing of commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A330, both directly from the manufacturer or through the sale and leaseback of used quality aircraft.

City Trust has been involved in a number of single and multiple aircraft leasing arrangements. Offering the incorporation of the corporate vehicle, registration of the vehicle in Ireland as a designated Section 110 vehicle. We also then provide experienced directors, accounting, and administration support to the established company.

We bring together a unique combination of experience in finance and complex structures. Along with a longstanding international network to achieve a high level of efficiency, which simplifies the business of aircraft leasing for our clients. For the avoidance of doubt, City Trust are not involved in the sourcing or sale of aircraft to end users nor do we provide finance to clients to purchase aircraft.

Structured Finance and Lease Management

Through our expertise developed over 25 years in structured finance. We assist clients to lower their debts, move asset risk, and increase their liquidity. And through our relationship with commercial banks and investors, we assist clients with raising the necessary capital.

To discuss further please contact Danny Cox at +353 1 675 3140, or via email at dannycox@citytrust.ie