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Cross-border Structuring

We have worked with a number of the leading investment banks, law firms and tax advisors in setting up and managing companies, cross border structuring and vehicles in Ireland, UK, Jersey, Guernsey and Luxembourg.

Our principle focus is on cross border structuring:

  • Multi-vehicle structures utilising tax treaty networks
  • The building holding company structures
  • Tax-efficient subsidiaries
  • IPO structuring and Market Listings
  • Providing your European gateway jurisdiction in Ireland

As trust and company service providers, we feel that cross-border management is a key part of our service offering. When dealing with corporate affairs we know that forward planning is essential to maximise opportunities when they arise and also mitigate against any possible roadblocks.

Our cross border structure service is seen as a core service in our Corporate division. Furthermore, we feel this sets us apart from many other trust and company service providers. We bring a wealth of experience in finance, and in complex structures. Combine this with a longstanding international network to consistently achieve a high level of efficiency. This simplifies the cross border structuring process for our clients.

Finally, to discuss Cross border structure further please contact Danny Cox on +353 1 675 3140, or via email at dannycox@citytrust.ie and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.