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Personal Tax Compliance

As a taxpayer, investor or steward of personal or family assets. You will have a number of personal tax compliance obligations. At City Trust we work to ensure clients meet their obligations while reducing the overall tax burden. We have well-developed experience of providing domestic and cross-border compliance assistance in a number of jurisdictions to our private clients.

Our tax compliance services include:

  • General, integrated  tax planning and advice relating to investments, assets and wealth
  • Advising on tax reliefs for individuals and owners of the property and other assets
  • Assisting with placing investments in private equity funds
  • Implementation of tax-efficient remuneration strategy
  • Professionally prepared tax returns for high net worth individuals

As Trust and company service providers it is our belief that Personal Tax Compliance is an essential part of our product offerings. We also believe when dealing with Private clients that with accurate forward planning that there are many opportunities to mitigate taxes.

The Personal Tax Compliance offering is one of our core services within our Private Clients division. We feel this sets us apart from other trust and company service providers.

Finally, for further details on the tax compliance services we provide for our private clients please contact Danny Cox directly at dannycox@ciytrust.ie , or on +353 87 275 4984, or indeed at the office on +353 1 675 3140