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Succession Planning

City Trust, through its expertise in financial management and structures, offers specialised guidance and advice in succession planning. Our team helps successful individuals structure their assets and finances in efficient ways. So to secure their wealth now and for their families in the future.

Succession planning is also a major event in both the life cycle of a family business and in one’s life. Everyone’s life and the family business is different and unique. That’s why each succession plan City Trust creates is tailored to both the needs of the individual and/or family business.

It is never too early to ensure that your assets are carefully secured and transfers organised correctly. Our expert team will not only provide peace of mind to you knowing that your families future is secured. But also early and effective planning can ensure orderly and more tax-efficient transfers. City Trust will ensure a stress-free process that will streamline the processes around succession planning and help make the right decisions now for long term security.

Finally, contact us today or for further details on the succession planning services we provide for our private clients please contact Danny Cox directly at dannycox@ciytrust.ie, or on +353 87 275 4984, or indeed at the office on +353 1 675 3140.