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Our Countries

City Trust offers support to clients in a number of strategic jurisdictions, in both low tax regimes and mature markets, which may offer different benefits and advantages to clients.

Our operations are currently based in Dublin, London and Belfast, and our developing international network increasingly offers services in markets such as other low tax jurisdictions, including Cyprus and Gibraltar, in addition to countries such as China, Russia and the US. From our head office, we offer a multi-lingual, multi-time zone service, that provides a unique international service to clients and leading intermediaries operating across the globe.

City Trust has long provided through its head office, corporate and trustee services to businesses and high net worth individuals who operate in Ireland or wish to avail of Ireland’s attractive environment for business. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering our clients a proven professional service which allows them to avail of all the benefits Ireland has to offer but at a more rational cost.

Benefits of Ireland:

  • Attractive business and tax regime
  • Well-developed communications and infrastructure
  • Secure and stable member of the European Union
  • A well educated and diverse workforce
  • Strong legal protections for businesses and individuals
  • A pool of qualified advisors, accountants and legal professionals

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City Trust employs a multi-lingual workforce of financial services and legal professionals who provide services to our global clients 24 hours per day. Through our international desks, we provide a unique and truly global service to leading corporates and intermediaries, operating in China, Central-Eastern Europe, Russia and the Americas. Aside from English, our dedicated relationship managers speak Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.

Services from our International Desks include:

  • Ireland company formation and registration
  • Company management
  • Corporate and private trusts
  • Company secretarial services

Through City Trust UK our clients gain unequalled access to value-adding networks in the City of London and the rest of the UK. Our senior managers bring together many years of experience in managing investments and funds in the various jurisdictions associated with the UK and are well placed to offer our clients the benefits of the UK financial environment.

The City of London is a hub for raising finance, and also provides unmatched access to world financial markets, not least through its extensive treaty network. The UK is also one of the world’s most mature and secure markets for operating trusts.

Benefits of the UK:

  • The unrivalled market for raising capital
  • World’s most extensive treaty network
  • No withholding tax on dividends
  • Tax relief for tax paid on dividends abroad
  • Certain capital gains tax exemptions for on the sale of UK resident companies
  • Through City Trust benefit from 25 years of experience in the UK market and jurisdictions