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Corporate & Private Trusts

Corporate & Private Trusts are highly flexible structures, which can be tailored to the precise requirements of the client. Although legal title to the assets is transferred to the Trustees. Clients can be confident that those assets will be safeguarded and will be managed in accordance with their intentions.

For added security, a settlor can appoint a protector to ensure that the trustee acts properly at all times in the execution of its duties. The protector is usually a close family friend or a trusted professional advisor.

We realise what a difficult decision it can be to transfer very valuable assets to a third party. Which is why we develop relationships over long periods of time and are transparent in everything we do. We provide specialist trust formation and management services to all types of clients. Including private individuals, corporations, financial institutions and professional advisors. However, our service is very personalised and at all times discreet. We work closely with the clients of other professional advisors. This is to ensure our services are in line with the client’s overall wealth strategy.

The main categories of Trusts we deal with are:

Discretionary trust: whereby the trustees have absolute discretion to manage the trust assets. This is in accordance with the deed and as guided by a protector and /or a letter of wishes from the settlor; this is the most flexible of trusts.

Purpose trust: there is a defined purpose for the trust assets.

Fixed interest trust: in which there is a defined benefit for all or certain beneficiaries.

Accumulation and maintenance trust: the typical intention is to ensure the needs of beneficiaries under the age of 25 are met by the trustees from the trust assets.

Orphan trust: this is typically used in commercial or structured finance transactions. Where there may be a combination of requirements ranging from asset security, off-balance-sheet financing to creditor subordination to ring-fencing of cash flows.

However, the make-up of the final trust may loosely fall into one of these categories. This could differ substantially from the norm as it is totally based upon your wishes.

Finally, contact us today or to discuss Corporate & Private Trusts further please contact Danny Cox on +353 1 675 3140, or via email at dannycox@citytrust.ie