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Family Office and Accounting

Finding time to effectively manage your family office and accounting, assets and investments can at times be difficult. Whether your assets are in shares, private equity, property or other investments, City Trust will formulate a strategy that specifically works for you. From asset transfer to portfolio management, our team can assist you at any point of the asset or investment life-cycle.

Our expertise in international taxation and legal policy, along with our experience in building and managing effectual financial structures. Means that we are well placed to provide our clients with highly efficient strategies and services for managing their assets. We have provided asset management services for property portfolios of varying sizes, yachts and private planes, financial holdings, and pensions.

We also offer full accounting, bookkeeping and administration services to assist clients to manage their affairs. Which is effectively providing and acting as a family office.

In addition to the management of assets. We also work with a wide network of partners to source investments that meet a client’s specific objectives.

Finally, for further details on our Family Office & Accounting services for private clients please contact Danny Cox directly at dannycox@ciytrust.ie, or on +353 87 275 4984, or indeed at the office on +353 1 675 3140.